3rd Year Anniversary Trip to Heritance Kandalama.

December 18, 2016

Once again we celebrate another year of exciting growth in our company. Our beloved startup is 3 years old! Our company’s growth would not have been possible if not for the visionary guidance of our management and the continued dedication of our excellent 4 Axis staff.

3 years have passed quickly and we are growing stronger every year. So what is to be expected after our 3rd year anniversary? Simply: More growth!

The team made it a habit of celebrating each of our company’s anniversaries by embarking on annual trips of leisure and relaxation!

Likewise, in 2015, the team decided on making the annual trip to the paradisal Heritance Kandalama Resort.


Leaving Colombo by 9 on the glorious morning of the 20th day of October 2015, we made it to Kandalama before noon and enjoyed a tranquil day basking in the sublime beauty of this resort. The trip itself was fun and exciting with everyone pitching in to sing songs and crack jokes. The day was made memorable with several heartfelt speeches delivered by our team of managers; who expressed their belief in the company, our vision and the Axian family. Toasts were made, cheers were heard, and memories were made.


 This annual trip like all annual trips to come, helped boost the company morale and helped emphasize their value as important assets of the company and helped instigate a love for the work they do for the company.

Looking forward, 4 Axis’s 4th year is already showing positive signs on many fronts and we’re confident of it blooming into being a dynamic, exciting and rewarding year.

As a company, we will continue to be focused on:
Delivering new and unique cutting edge mobile apps that will inspire creativity;
Growing where we are and expanding to selective new markets;
Continuing to structure a solid , fit for purpose Organization;
Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding the best in the industry whilst offering exciting Career opportunities.

Our annual October anniversary celebration demonstrated our wonderful and fresh team spirit and made us all proud to be a part of such an elite team.