A Closer Look at Colorgram’s Community Of Enthusiasts

April 4, 2018

As you already know, our coloring app, Colorgram, has it’s very own coloring community. Fueled by their love for coloring and art, Colorgram users from all over the world take to the app everyday to color and then publish many of its generated pages.

In doing so, not only do they contribute daily to the community’s large collection of colorings but they also inspire each other and anyone who sees their work to be creative.

In our efforts to keep up with this unceasingly creative bunch and their daily artistic adventures, we’ve gotten to know some of the app’s most frequent and loyal colorists. Safe to say there’s never a shortage of creativity with them as we’ve seen some wonderful work published by these users.

So we thought that you too should get to know some of Colorgram’s art enthusiasts, how they color and how they make use of the app’s very special Playback feature.

Tamie Puglisa is one such colorist, having published 578 pages and gained a total of 3696 likes. She colors a variety of coloring pages a day that span across more than one theme, but her most notable works are the mandalas and patterned pictures.

What we found interesting about Tamie’s style of coloring is her frequent use of dark colors, usually black, to fill in the background of the mandala pages, while the rest of the mandala is completed with brighter shades of color.



Further, she uses an interesting mix of gradients on the brighter colors to give it that extra pop against the darker backdrop, producing a neon-like effect.



Tamie colors each picture in a different order but she is far from disorganised in her coloring. There is always a starting point for her from where she gradually makes her way through the picture…

Through this she makes effective use of the app’s Playback feature to capture the visual effects created by her use of color and order..

It’s also worth noting that Tamie isn’t afraid to try new things and has more than one way of presenting a picture…

She often publishes different versions of the same picture on the community, each of them colored in a new way with a different range of colors, presenting a different visual effect on the Playback feature.



You can check out more of her colorings on her page in the Colorgram community and you might see some of her best work displayed on the app’s social media!

Or better yet..

You too can become a part of the app’s community!

All you need to do is download Colorgram and you’ll instantly be a part of its community of colorists. By sharing your pictures with Tamie and the rest of them you’re guaranteed to be inspired by their work and presence.