Spread The Seasonal Cheer With Colorgram’s AR Feature!

December 28, 2017


Since the Christmas season is all about giving, we’ve decided to give our users something new to play around with during the holidays!

It’s a feature unlike any we’ve had before..

It gives you a unique and fun way to view and share your finished artwork..

Any guesses? Nope? Then here it is..

Say hello to Colorgram’s new AR feature! Yes, Augmented Reality!

So what does an AR feature add to an adult coloring app like Colorgram? Well, it gives you a chance to view your artwork at any place in the environment around you!

But since we always encourage users to share their work, this new feature lets you capture a photo with your drawing in it, which you can then share with others!

All you have to do is point your device’s camera to any desired place in your surroundings and allow it to scan the surface. Once your selected artwork appears on the camera screen you only need to adjust its scale and take the photo!

Simple enough right?


Since we’re in the Christmas season, using our new AR feature would be the perfect way to create colorful greeting cards!

Think of the fun and Christmas-y photos you could take while featuring some of your best Colorgram artwork that you can share with your family and friends!

After all, there’s no better way to make use of your artwork than to spread the seasonal cheer!

Aside from giving off the holiday vibes, it’s a great way to see how your artwork fits in to your everyday surroundings, be it at your work space or even at your own kitchen table!

Coloring has never been this rewarding!