The Axian Story

December 23, 2016

Established in Sri Lanka in 2012, 4 Axis Solutions, has grown from a tiny start-up into an internationally recognized mobile app developing company.

Aimed at catering to amateurs and professionals alike, 4 Axis Solutions designs and develops art-centered apps that will enable everyone to get creative in art, using digital technology.

Its flagship product, Drawing Desk; available for free download in Apple app store and Google app store, surpassed its 10 million download mark and is among the top apps on the leader-boards in the US, UK, Canada and Russia.

4 Axis’s formation.


The 4 entrepreneurs that formed 4 Axis Solutions were in pursuit of the same dream: to enable everyone to get creative in art using digital technology. Having met at the same university, these 4 undergraduates devised a plan to bring about a creative drawing app that will help anyone and everyone to get inspired and get creative! The idea was formulated, and all that remained was putting that thought to action.

What started out as an idea in late 2012, developed into an app titled ‘Drawing Desk’, by early 2013. This app gave life to 4 Axis Solutions and became our #1 flagship product.

Whilst the app was gaining international attention, the management at 4 Axis Solutions seeked out a proper establishment for their startup company to prosper.

Having agreed to remain a bootstrapped company, the 4 friends armed with the little resources they had, found a place to call home. And soon, restorations were underway to revamp and remodel the place to fit the Axian family which, back then, constituted of 6 members.

4 Axis Solutions was officially declared open with the auspicious boiling of the milk pot on a makeshift hearth and a table laden with traditional Sri Lankan goodies.

Opportunity works in strange ways; just when we thought the Axians were settled for good, we found ourselves looking at our second home.


The Axians shifted to their second home and got things up and running in no time. Before long, we made our third and final shift to a much larger work space in early 2014 and things have never been better!

With time, the work environment was given a total makeover to help create a more free and friendly work space that would promote ‘creative thinking’. Picturesque wall art and beanbags were added to enhance the employees work experience.


All the while, our team at 4 Axis has been constantly developing and updating our flagship product to heighten the user experience. And we are happy to say that Drawing Desk has reached new and extraordinary heights in the few years since its inception.

Where we are now.

With more creative projects making headway, the 4 Axis family has branched out to making more art-focused apps, since the success of its first app: drawing desk. 

We are a sincere company with a straightforward vision. We believe we are the best-in-class people to ideate, design, and create the best-in-breed next generation IT products and solutions.

We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and we feel confident that our creative solutions will provide for effective inspiration necessary for you to unleash your skills in art.


As we take stock of how far we’ve come, we hope that we’re forging a path that emerging startup companies can follow. You can execute. You can be noticed. You have the opportunity to play on the same field as large, established players. And you can change from being believers to creators.


Road ahead

The road ahead is long; there will be ups, and there will be downs. But we’ve come a long way to turn back now, so here’s to new chapters in a story that’s still being written–still being told.

Please lift a glass with us as we pause to reflect on our humble beginnings.