There’s No Place Like Home: The 4 Axis Team Extends Their Abode

August 3, 2022

Since the very beginnings of our journey, we’ve always made it our priority to give our 4 Axis family the best place to call home. We’ve certainly been down a long and winding road since then, moving from one place to another, in search of a spot of our own.

2020 eventually brought us to our brand new forever-home at Astoria Towers in the heart of Colombo. And since then, we’ve settled in just well, while even welcoming plenty of new faces along the way!

Two years later, as we’ve continued to expand our team of ever-enthusiastic, and creative thinkers, we’ve also expanded the confines of our beloved Axian home!

On the 1st of June 2022, we officially opened our second office space at Astoria designed to promote wellness and comfort, creative thinking and of course to encourage our very own Axian team spirit!



Equipped with spacious work stations, a coffee corner for several of our caffeine lovers, and an airy, chilled-out  space for meetings and collaborations, our newest home is designed to accommodate over a 100 more new members to our team!

As they say, the more the merrier and we’re certainly all about that here at 4 Axis!

That Wednesday morning we commemorated our newly extended abode with the cultural practice of lighting the traditional oil lamp, as a reminder of our collective Sri Lankan roots and identity.



After a round of light refreshments we gathered together in our newly designed Meeting Room for a trip down memory lane as we looked back on the 4 Axis journey since our humble beginnings back in 2012.



Seeing how far we’ve come allowed us to truly appreciate the long road we’ve traveled thus far with all its obstacles and successes to get to where we are today! And it certainly inspired every Axian, both old and new, to look towards our future with plenty of hope and determination at our collective journey that lay ahead!

After much reminiscing it was then time to bring out our lively Axian team spirit through a series of fun team games and activities. In no time, we were racing with balloons, getting innovative with Legos on the floor and aiming stress balls across the room.



Needless to say, our new office space was filled with cheers, laughter and plenty of good vibes, thanks to our high-spirited shenanigans!

It was indeed another day that marked a step in the right direction for us at 4 Axis. As our goals and plans widen for the future, so does our fast-growing Axian family! And with our newly extended home, we’re more than prepared to welcome plenty more talented, hard-working individuals, as we look to move forward on our journey to success!


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