Welcome to Drawing Desk V6!

January 19, 2021

We’re super excited to announce the arrival of the most anticipated update yet- say hello to Drawing Desk V6, now officially up for grabs! The new and improved Drawing Desk is more ready than ever to tackle all your creative needs!

Marking a significant milestone in the history of Drawing Desk’s evolution, Drawing Desk V6 is a huge leap forward in achieving our long-term vision of enabling everyone to be creative using digital technology.

Our ultimate goal being delivering an enjoyable yet creativity oozing exposure to everyone who loves drawing, this major update is loaded with tons of improvements, brand-new features, and exceptional tools to unlock your drawing power.

Amidst a herd of rising challenges, our small team has worked relentlessly on perfecting Drawing Desk V6 just for you. So why wait? Let’s dig into the newest changes of this update right now!

Go above and beyond with Apple Pencil!

With this release afoot, working your way around your favorite Drawing app just got a little too easier. Together with deeper Apple Pencil integration supporting a multitude of enhanced gestures, Drawing Desk brush tools will now work effortlessly with angle and pressure sensitivity to deliver our beloved users a much smoother and uninterrupted drawing experience.



It’s all about colors!

We are completely aware of how exhausting the color selection process can be sometimes. We decided to make life a little bit easier for you by pairing up with Apple Watch. With Apple Watch compatibility, you can now change colors on selected brushes on Sketch Desk and even pick beautiful shades flawlessly in Coloring Desk.

Unclutter and Stay Organized

We heard you loud and clear! YES, convenient folder arrangement is winging its way to you in this major update. You can finally arrange your work in personalized folders and keep everything structured and organized just like you’ve always wanted.

Lightning-fast undo/redo gestures

We’ve adapted to the highly demanding multi-gesture support, just for your convenience! Made a mistake? Tap two fingers anywhere in the canvas to undo your action. Tap three fingers again anywhere in the canvas, to restore your previous action.

The new Ninja in town

Cutter tool is the newest addition to the exceptional tool pack of Drawing Desk. Fasten your pace with a fluid workflow with this small but perfectly-formed tool readily available right at your fingertips.

Refined Ruler

Raising the true spirit of art we’ve polished up the entirety of our ruler. Drawing Desk ruler is now accommodated with a grid and angle allowing you to create beautiful masterpieces with proven precision and accuracy.

Richer with shapes

Create a digital aesthetic with our fully stocked library of incredible shapes. Take your art to the next level with this short-cut to greater drawings.



Change the way you color!

For the first time ever, we have integrated a feature especially dedicated to making your painting experience a whole lot better. Begin your journey in the finery of painting with the all-new Drag-to-Fill color option, simply drag any beautiful shade into the canvas area you wish to fill. And voilà, you are all good to go!



Roller Brush Patterns

Look out for the stack of goodies bundled up in our Roller Brush. Discover the beautiful patterns impregnated with our roller brush. Dazzle your way up with these stunning pattern options of Drawing Desk V6.



Export as PSD

Popping in with one of your biggest requests, we`ve conveniently added Photoshop-ready PSD exports to fast-track your workflow.

Advanced layer system

No longer are your hands tied, no longer are you trapped! Gain complete freedom over your work process with the newly refurbished advanced layering system with infinite layers. Besides, you can also experience the beauty of working with the all-inclusive layer options lock, alpha, merge, color-invert to create masterpieces drawn to perfection.



Find the art in your heart!

We’ve added a new dimension to coloring by introducing Color Desk time-lapses. Capture your entire coloring process and envision it spring to life along with soothing background music. Tap into your creativity and showcase your powerful coloring process with relaxing time-lapses.

To inspire and be inspired

Taking a new initiative we have integrated an all-new addition to Coloring Desk – A full-fledged coloring community! Sharing your colorings among other creatives is just one tap away! Explore and discover an array of beautiful colorings done by fellow creatives from all around the globe.


That’s a wrap on Drawing Desk V6! On the ending note, we would like to thank all our amazing users, without you by our side Drawing Desk V6 wouldn’t have been a success! Looking forward to more and more amazing years together!