2nd year anniversary dinner at Galadari Hotel, Colombo.

December 17, 2016

In October, we celebrated our 2-year anniversary as an independent, bootstrapped and successful mobile app developing company.

To mark the run of 2 fabulous years, the team took to dine, wine and celebrate their success at the palatial Galadari Hotel in Colombo on the eve of October 10th, 2014. 

This gala affair attended by the whole Axian family gave rise to a plethora of feels.Themed under the slogan: inspire 2 rise, this 2 year mark was significant for 4 Axis in succeeding in making a product people want and making a company that people want to work for.

Having remembered our startup journey, and to have come as far as celebrating our 2nd corporate anniversary, made due for a series of toasts, tears and cherished laughter.

2 years is both a long time and a short time. Compared to many others, our achievements are modest and our company is still adolescent. On the other hand, 2 years in a sector that is rapidly changing and evolving is an achievement that we can be immensely proud of.  It means that we have established ourselves. In fact, what we have done is build the largest independent drawing app in the local and international mobile app market.

Remembering all this and more, a toast was proposed to the Axian employees, the first two years, the next two years – and to the whole Axian Family on the eve of our first annual company dinner.