Moving Forward Into the Global World of IT

August 1, 2018

Over the past few years, Sri Lanka has shown a significant increase in IT exports, with more than 300 companies and 55,000 tech savvy professionals currently employed in the sector.

This is no doubt a strong indicator that these individuals do have the skills and creativity required to strengthen the country’s already growing presence in the global IT sector.

With this in mind, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, together with the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka successfully launched ‘IOI – Island of Ingenuity’ as the nation’s latest brand for the local ICT/BPM sector!

Launched earlier this year, ‘Island of Ingenuity’ hopes to take Sri Lanka further out into the global market, and further establish its place as a noteworthy presence in the international IT sector.

This initiative also aims to provide assistance to second-tier IT firms in the country and help them break out into the global market by means of a well organised ‘Champion Builder Program’.

In order to operate on a global scale having an established and well-defined brand is certainly an important step forward, and we at 4 Axis Solutions couldn’t be happier seeing this initiative come to life.

In fact, we are humbled to have IOI recognize 4 Axis Solutions as one of the companies that has achieved success in the global market!

This is definitely a source of inspiration for our team and it will certainly motivate us to work harder in creating more of a global impact..

And we definitely look forward to seeing more startups and companies joining us at the global level and we hope to be a source of inspiration to them in return while doing our part to help expand Sri Lanka’s IT/BPM industry.