The 4 Axis Team Finds Their Home-Away-From-Home

July 21, 2020

After 7 years into our journey, we at 4 Axis have continued to maintain forward momentum, getting closer to our goals with every step. With this mindset we’ve been working towards making a positive change of our own, as we head into a new decade.

We’ve always believed that having the right mentality and motivation is integral to fulfilling our dreams and so far we’ve been able to achieve this with our talented team of diverse individuals and by finding ways to create a healthy, positive working environment.

But with plans to widen our reach and extend our 4 Axis family, we decided that it was time to find ourselves a new home. After all, our strongest asset is our team of hard-workers and it is always our priority to make them feel at home away from their own homes.

Friday the 17th of July marked the opening of our new office premises at the Astoria Commercial Tower in the heart of Colombo. The latest headquarters of 4 Axis offers a spacious, cozy working environment, designed to foster creative, positive thinking and to encourage a team-oriented approach to every endeavor.



It was another step forward on our journey as a team, one that we celebrated in style, accompanied by a few esteemed guests – special individuals who have been mentors to several of our team members along the way – Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, founder of WSo2 and Senior Lecturers (UoM) Dilini Kulawansa, Saminda Premaratne and Dr. Lochandaka Ranathunga



We began the day’s festivities by lighting the traditional oil lamp, celebrating our collective Sri Lankan culture, having previously conducted a Pirith enchanting to invoke blessings and prosperity for this new stage of our journey.



Afterwards, we took a few moments to look back on our humble beginnings, and the subsequent years filled with challenges and successes that have brought us thus far.

Following this, we had the honor of hearing words of true wisdom and encouragement from two of our invited guests, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana and Dr. Lochandaka Ranathunga. It was a special moment for us to have them with us and to be able to celebrate this grand occasion with these remarkable individuals who have inspired us throughout the years.



Our official celebrations then culminated in the cutting of a cake followed by refreshments and a little loosening up, as we took the time to catch up and marvel at our new surroundings.

The rest of the day’s activities centered around the 4Axis Team. A fun, goofy photo shoot and some unusual but innovative games, soon had us feeling at ease.



Saving the best for last, as the day reached its halfway mark it was time to treat the team to a little surprise of their own. Each member received a gift box with a few custom made stationery items and office supplies for their new work stations, a final gesture of appreciation for their dedicated service thus far.



It was indeed a memorable day for the 4 Axis team, a day which marked an important milestone on our Axian journey. A new home always means a new beginning, a chance for endless opportunities to further improve and take the 4 Axis name to greater heights.

With a new working environment and an already great team onboard, we are definitely ready and better equipped to continue to reach for the pinnacle of success and achieve our dreams.