Celebrating A Decade of 4 Axis on the Global Stage!

October 17, 2022

When 4 Axis first came to life back in 2012, it was founded on a single vision – to enable everyone to be creative through digital technology. At its core, this vision stems from our belief that every individual has the potential to be artistic and creative and with it, bring about plenty of positive change. 

Afterall, it is our creativity that is our greatest strength! 

And having a particular appreciation for the potential that lay in emerging digital technologies, our goal was clear from the start: to build an array of digital art apps that would inspire all generations to express their ideas creatively. 

And now 10 years into our journey, we stand proud in saying that we’ve come a long way in achieving our Axian vision!


Looking Back…

Not long after the start of 4 Axis, our first creative app ‘Drawing Desk’ was brought to life in 2013, designed to inspire artistic expression in multiple forms. Drawing Desk was an immediate hit, reaching 6 million downloads by 2015, and owing to its success, 4 Axis was recognized as a Google Strategic Partner in 2016. 

Moreover, as Drawing Desk continued to grow, so did we. Throughout these years we also welcomed new faces to join us and help us along our Axian journey. And with them, new ideas were brought to life that would continue to take us forward.

Meanwhile, Drawing Desk continued its steady rise on the App Store, gaining 20 million downloads by 2019.

But along with our successes, also came unexpected hurdles. 2020 proved to be our biggest challenge yet, with the raging global pandemic presenting us with new obstacles at every turn.

Nevertheless, amidst it all we still kept our Axian dream alive – we successfully found our latest office space in the heart of Colombo, designed to reflect the calm and relaxed culture we’d created amongst ourselves over the years. 

Since then we’ve begun working with new technologies and trends with the hope of providing a newer, modern artistic experience for our users. As part of these efforts, our first virtual reality based art app, Drawing Desk VR was released in early 2022. 

And as we neared the end of our first decade at 4 Axis, our plans for the future were beginning to take shape.


Celebrating 10 Years in Style!

While our annual trip for 2022 allowed us in part to appreciate a decade of success at 4 Axis, we felt that a more heartfelt celebration for our 10th anniversary was in order. And so a very special evening of celebration was put together on the 11th of October, to honor and appreciate our talented and dedicated team for their efforts throughout the decade.

It was a sight to behold as the entire 4 Axis family gathered at the reputed Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, dressed in their best, and ready for a memorable evening.  

Having been welcomed with gift bags of 4 Axis merchandise, the team took their seats at the hotel’s brightly lit and exquisitely decorated Spice Room. And soon the evening’s festivities were underway!

The Co Founders of 4 Axis began proceedings with a warm welcome address and a meaningful reflection on the journey of 4 Axis since its beginning in 2012. And together we were able to truly see and appreciate the extent of all our accomplishments within the tech world both locally and internationally.

This was the ideal start for what came next – a heartfelt session of appreciation and thanks during which several of our longstanding team members were duly awarded for their dedication and service.

Afterwards, the evening took on a lighter tone, as it came time for some entertainment organized by the team members themselves. No event at 4 Axis is ever complete without the showcasing of our team’s many talents. 

They’ve certainly displayed their athletic skills throughout our annual trips and vacations. But that night we witnessed two spectacular performances that displayed their potential on the stage in both music and drama!

By then we were all ready to let loose and have fun. And so the rest of the evening was spent at the photo booth with everyone eager for the chance to display their sense of fashion for the evening! 

And then it was on from the photo booth to the dance floor as everyone began to jump and sway to the music. The night was made all the more memorable with special guest appearances by several of the country’s leading musical artists!

It was certainly a night to remember, filled with lots of joy, laughter and plenty of memories to last a lifetime. But while the evening’s festivities were about celebrating the past decade, there was more than a hint of hope in the air, an eagerness among the Axian family to persevere into what lay ahead in the future.


The Journey Ahead…

And thus a new chapter for us at 4 Axis is now underway. As we step into a new decade, we’ve got more in our sights for the future..

Working with Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality, and enabling apps for creative learning and education are among our many projects lined up ahead. And we’re excited than ever to step into this next phase of helping to make the world a more creative place. 

After 10 years, 4 Axis is now better equipped with a talented team and all the right resources to reach for stars. And our dream of inspiring others to be creative is still alive, now more than ever. 

It’s been a fun ride thus far. So here’s to a better and brighter future for 4 Axis!