Explore the World of Drawing Desk with Our New VR App!

April 26, 2022

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a world where all you do is draw, color and be creative?

Now you have the perfect chance to find out with our brand new Drawing Desk Virtual Reality App!



Bringing you the best of Virtual Reality, this new immersive experience, lets you explore the world of Drawing Desk like you’ve never done before!



You’ll have the freedom to wander around and discover new artistic places,  spaces and soundscapes. It’s a  world where you can let your creativity run free in any place you choose!

And as you roam around, you’ll be equipped with a collection of drawing essentials, including a pencil, pen, spray, marker, watercolor brush and an eraser.

And you’ll have access to all your favorite solid and gradient colors as well. So your artistic possibilities are endless wherever you go!



While creating your best art in 2D you’ll also have the chance to make the most of a 3D experience…

You can grab, scale and reposition the objects around you. And you get to up your coloring game to a new level with unique 3D interactive coloring images!



The Drawing Desk VR app is a paradise for every art enthusiast. It’s the perfect escape that transports you to a landscape where art reigns free. It’s a world with only one rule – stay creative and have fun!

So come be a part of this new immersive paradise that will change the way you draw and color, for the better!The Drawing Desk VR app is available on the Oculus Store, and supports both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. You can learn more about Drawing Desk VR here.

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