Here’s to 7 Years of Building a Strong Axian Foundation!

October 4, 2019


Another brilliant year on the Axian calendar has come to an end, and as we head into the next, we’re ready to take another big step on our journey.

We’re excited to be moving forward but that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting anything from the past 7 years of our run.

Along the way our 4 Axis family has grown, building ourselves up with our share of achievements and struggles in tow. And looking back it’s pretty clear that through it all we’ve managed to set us ourselves up for a great journey ahead!

So it was this sentiment that we chose to hold on to at our 7th year anniversary celebrations, which took us to Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort and Spa. This year we raised our glasses (cups of tea, really) to 7 years of laying the groundwork, of building a strong Axian foundation!

With our apps Drawing Desk and Colorgram leading the way, we’ve slowly but surely made a name for ourselves, creating a steady presence in the global world of app development, and also in the local industry here at home.

Our progress this year gave us more cause for celebration as we further expanded our horizons by reaching 20 million downloads on Drawing Desk, welcomed plenty of new talent into the Axian fold while appreciating those who we’re still fortunate to have on the team after years of service.

But of course, the festivities didn’t stop there!

We’ve always been a lively bunch, and as usual the rest of our stay was taken up with all kinds of games and sports. Went swinging in the outdoors with multiple sessions of cricket and golf, while some of us snuck in a few lessons in archery. Later on it was an evening spent indoors with some table tennis and an entertaining game at the table.



Amidst all the jokes, laughter and fun it was clear to see that our work of the last 7 years has done more than just bring 4 Axis up the ranks. We’ve also created our own familial culture and friendship which continues to be our defining trait and the driving force behind our success.

And with our plans and goals set for the coming year, we’ve got a firm footing to build on, to take 4 Axis into new waters.

So here’s to 7 years of hard work, of starting from scratch and building a Strong Axian Foundation!