Celebrating 6 Years of Taking 4Axis Up the Global Ladder!

September 19, 2018

The best reward one could ever hope for after years of determination and hard work is progress. And for us at 4 Axis Solutions, our 6th year of being in the industry has certainly moved us further along in more ways than one! From having our products make headway in the global market, to expanding our team of hard workers, the past year has definitely been an exciting one! And as you might already know, celebrating each passing year is a big part of our Axian family tradition! So it’s safe to say that by the start of September, we’d already planned ahead for our annual anniversary one-night-stay! This time, we were to take our festivities to the idyllic and Eco-friendly Heritance Kandalama Hotel in …

Moving Forward Into the Global World of IT

August 1, 2018

Over the past few years, Sri Lanka has shown a significant increase in IT exports, with more than 300 companies and 55,000 tech savvy professionals currently employed in the sector. This is no doubt a strong indicator that these individuals do have the skills and creativity required to strengthen the country’s already growing presence in the global IT sector. With this in mind, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, together with the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka successfully launched ‘IOI – Island of Ingenuity’ as the nation’s latest brand for the local ICT/BPM sector! Launched earlier this year, ‘Island of Ingenuity’ hopes to take Sri Lanka further out into the global market, and further establish its place as a noteworthy presence in …

The Internship Experience at 4 Axis

April 5, 2018

Internships are a big part of a student’s road to success. Not only do they serve as a bonus on a CV, they also provide a first look into what it’s actually like being in the profession. At 4 Axis, we always look to give young students the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the world of app development and coding, a field that is becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to take up a major part of today’s world. But what is it really like being an intern at 4 Axis? Today we decided to find out by asking two of our very own.. Amila Wijayarathna and Nilupul Sandeepa were interns at our company, having recently completed a six month period …

Sun, Sand and Plenty of Fun!

March 21, 2018

It was a busy past couple of months at the 4 Axis headquarters, as we worked hard adding the final touches to our project – the new update for Drawing Desk. After weeks of hot chocolate-induced late nights and early mornings we finally released Version 6 of the app, and it was then that we realized… a much needed break was in order. And as always, a day out filled with fun and games immediately sprang to mind. This time we wanted to head somewhere quiet and peaceful, and we found just what we were looking for in the form of the idyllic Anantaya Resort and Spa, in Chilaw. That Monday morning, the 19th of March, saw us happily crowded at the back of a …

Drawing Desk Gets Another Addition To Its Creative Tool Pack

March 20, 2018

As an app development firm we’re constantly on the look-out for new and interesting devices and pieces of technology that we could add to our apps to give you a better, more enjoyable creative experience. So when we came across “Scriba”, an award winning stylus created by Dublin Design Studio, we instantly knew that it would be another perfect addition to Drawing Desk.  Now if you are a little unfamiliar… Scriba is a digital stylus, flexibly designed to suit the natural movements of your hand and is the first to use Squeeze Motion technology. Simply put, with just a slight squeeze, Scriba is able to detect your movements or even access an app’s functionality.   Yes…it can access an app’s tools and perform those very …

Your Favorite Drawing App Just Got Even Better!

February 21, 2018

If you’ve been a constant user of Drawing Desk, then you’re probably aware of how much the app has changed in the past few years. After five years on the App Store, Drawing Desk has accommodated a multitude of features that has made it an ideal creative platform for, well, almost everyone who loves drawing! But it’s not just about the number of users we manage to get or the amount of downloads we reach. For us, it’s all about giving our users the best drawing experience, every time they decide to get creative! So we’ve got some good news for our beloved Drawing Desk enthusiasts out there! We’ve just released a new version of your favorite app!! Version 6 of Drawing Desk brings you …

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly At 4 Axis!

December 28, 2017

Despite the busy schedules and the long working hours, there’s always time for seasonal celebrations, and for the 4 Axis Team things were no different this December! The feeling of Christmas slowly began to work its way into our office at the start of the month and then on Thursday the 21st of December we topped it all off with a fun session of activities, games and music. In keeping with the seasonal spirit of giving, we started out with the always delightful Secret Santa session.   As wrapping papers were peeled off and gifts were eagerly opened, the guessing game began as we each tried to identify our individual secret givers!   Needless to say, everyone was delighted with their gifts!! The fun continued …

Celebrating 5 Years of Living Our Dream!

November 24, 2017

  We at 4 Axis Solutions have done it again! We’ve completed yet another year of hard work and development as we continued to live out our dream for the fifth year in a row! And what an exciting 12 months it has been with our flagship product “Drawing Desk” still continuing to inspire users all over the world! It was definitely another positive year of progress! And as always a day of celebrations was in order! This time our anniversary festivities took us to hotel Riu in Ahungalla. We headed out into the morning traffic that Friday, the 10th of November, some of us happy to be around for yet another anniversary celebration, with others looking forward to their first with the team. Needless …

Learning with Drawing Desk – A step in the right direction!

November 1, 2017

We all know that keeping kids occupied and interested in learning is a mammoth task! You have to constantly come up with creative lessons that will not only help them learn but also make them want to learn. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way around those mundane expressions like “A for Apple”, or an alternative to crushed paper and messy crayons? Look no further, we have just the thing for you! You may have heard of our flagship product, Drawing Desk. It provides the ultimate creative experience and is the perfect outlet for expression through art. (If you haven’t checked it out, then you really should – you won’t regret it!)   Well, in addition to that, the Kid’s Desk mode …

4Axis at TechInAsia 2017 Singapore

September 11, 2017

4 Axis Solutions exhibited at Tech In Asia Singapore 2017 to show case their app Drawing Desk, and spread their creative mission for the tech world. It was a wonderful event filled with  Asian technology founders , investors and technology enthusiasts.  

Drawing Desk is free for iPhone and iPad.

Drawing Desk is a popular drawing application with over 12 million user downloads on App Store.